Planet Power 7 Mobile Welfare Unit 7 person Rest Area

Key Features at a glance…

The next size up of our anti-vandal mobile welfare units easily offering space for 7 people. This HSE compliant unit exceeds the transient site welfare criteria for staff on site. This unit has a more spacious feel than the Planet Power 6.

With its small galley, the tea making and meal heating are isolated away from the access door area.

This galley makes for an ideal area to address staff during small meetings or inductions.

The unit has a clever raise and lower air suspension system which allows the freeing up maximum space under the seating-100% of the under seating area is available for PPE storage

It’s well thought out anti-vandal design incorporates high-security features such as recessed door handle, 3 x point locking doors and steel shuttered sliding window with substantial internal locking bolt.

The additional space within these units has allowed us to embark on a retro-upgrade project; we are fitting solar-powered coolers in these models as they return between hires. Enquire if we have any available for your next hire.

Some models are available with lifting eyes, also high ground clearance models available

Click image to enlarge floor plan below

Rest area comprising of:

  • Bench seating for 7 people around a larger fixed table; all seats have under seat storage
  • Generator powered microwave, kettle and wall heaters, (as with all of our units, the generator has auto shut down if left running)
  • Battery powered heating reinforcing the Planet Power eco credentials
  • The sink in the rest area has NO hand washing dispensers above (this encourages hand washing in the toilet cubicle to the rear- an area which is away from any food and also the area which we clean each week)
  • Solar charged batteries providing power to interior lights, heating
  • Sliding window c/w internal locking single sliding window shutter
  • Solar powered phone charging point
  • Carbon monoxide alarm
  • Frame mounted electrical compliance/test certificate, generator and carbon monoxide alarm service history record
  • “Full trailer width” notice board inside
  • Capable of being hooked up to external mains power


Drying/changing room

  • A small room rather than a locker, where an operative can change out of contaminated workwear
  • Generator powered wall mounted heater
  • Diesel/battery heater outlet assisting drying without the generator running
  • Substantial coat hooks
  • Low-level fuel filling point for separate diesel/battery heater
  • Wall mounted smoke alarm


Side mounted generator

The Planet Power 7 has a unique side located generator offering a great balance to the unit and a clever use of internal space. The relocation of the generator to the near side has creatively freed space in the drying room and made for a more accessible generator for maintenance purposes.


Toilet and cubicle

  • Full forearm sink with generator powered hot-wash above
  • Foot pedal operated cold-wash
  • Movement activated interior light
  • Generator powered interior light
  • Toilet with generous 28 Gallon holding tank
  • Generous toilet cubicle with additional “leg room”
  • Wall mounted soap dispenser
  • Wall mounted, lockable toilet roll dispenser c/w 150metre long jumbo” toilet roll
  • Wall mounted paper towel dispenser which is well stocked with soluble paper towels, a design which dissolves to pulp in water once disposed of into the toilet bowl. This is our preferred option rather than using non-soluble green towels which block drains and are difficult for water companies to dispose of. They are also a much better option than an overflowing waste bin.


Other Details…

  • Pneumatic raising & lowering of axle/body
  • Very simple raise and lower operation with audible warning when operating
  • Internally operated isolation switch for power to raise and lower
  • Doors will open over the height of the highest kerb if parked on the roadside
  • Some units are available with lifting eyes
  • Permanently fitted road lighting with integral anti-vandal guards
  • High ground clearance models available for forest tracks
  • Lockable security shroud lowers to cover towing gear once the unit is sited
  • Mechanical door stays with friction control to all personnel doors


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